Retsuko Persists But Why Doesn’t She Just Quit Her Job!?

Aggretsuko, an anime series fresh on the Netflix scene, follows the life of a 20-something raccoon named Retsuko working an unbearable office job. Throughout the series she encounters the worst of the worst when it comes to bosses and coworkers. It becomes so bad that at one point I scream at the T.V., “JUST QUIT YOUR JOB ALREADY!!!”

At many points throughout the anime Retsuko makes it clear that she wants out. But, instead of slamming her resignation letter on her misogynistic boss’s desk, she conjures up numerous plans that will allow her to have an excuse for leaving her job rather than just quitting out of the blue. These plans include joining her friends’ start up business at her imported goods shop to finding a rich man to marry so that she won’t need to work anymore. GIRL WHAT!?

Yet unfortunately for Retsuko, each plan falls through leaving this small racoon to push through the mysogony and coworker abuse episode after episode. The positive aspect about this show is that she does end up making new friends with the higher ups that know whats whats and help her out. Soooo…there’s that. But in all honesty, if I were her I would have quit that job ages ago to find something that truly makes me happy. I mean, she lives in the middle of Tokyo, Im sure there are plenty of jobs out there that will make me and Retsuko happy.

On the brighter side what Retsuko endures shows how strong she actually is. Yah she could just leave when things got hard, but the fact that she stayed even when things became damn near illegal shows how brave she is and I truly respect that.


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