Why Do We Always Crave A Second Season?

This season Netflix has released a hand full of new anime onto its platform, one of them being B: The Beginning. Of course I binge watched all 12 fascinating episodes!

While as I was watching this series I was also simutaneously scrolling through Google articles in search of what other people thought of the show and what I should expect. This led me to an article with numerous comments asking if there will be a second season. To which I replied, “WHAT!? WHY!? WE GOT EVERYTHING WE NEEDED IN THOSE TWELVE EPISODES PLUS MORE!”

In my complete honest opinion, why add to something that is close to perfect from beginning to end? B: The Beginning had action, suspense, comedic relief, as well as a touch of romance. This was all packed into a thrilling story line that was tactfully condensed into 12 episodes.

I truly do understand that viewers may want a second season if not more if the anime in question was based off of an epic manga like Attack on Titan. But to my knowledge this new Netflix show does not have a manga nor a light novel series. So with that said…ONE SEASON WAS ENOUGH!


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