Castlevania Season 2 Set to Premiere on Netflix This Summer

Writer Davis Ellis has shared that season 2 of Castlevania will debut sometime this coming Summer. The new season will shy away from the main source material. It has also been said that this coming season will contain 8 installments, double of the past season’s 4 episode run. Check out the announcement via Twitter here.

Not only did Castlevania debut in July of 2017, but the second season was also green lit on the same day. While speaking to Paste Magazine, Ellis has stated “So I’ve written what I think of Season 2 already, which is where I move away from the source material somewhat, stretch my legs, and probably get a little more eccentric in places,” Ellis explained, “Season 1, Part 1 is telling the story we originally showed up to tell 10 years ago. ‘Part 2’ is where I take more advantage of being on Netflix, I think.”

Keep an eye out for season 2 this Summer!


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