Brothers Conflict Does THE MOST to Not Promote Incest While Basically Promoting Incest


I myself love a good slice of life anime. So when I stumbled upon this gem I grabbed a few snacks, nestled myself into the couch, and proceeded to binge.

During my anime pursuits I came across Brothers Conflict on good ‘ole YouTube. The name and thumbnail looked interesting so I proceeded to watch. The first few minutes were your average slice of life anime scenes. The main character Ema moves to a new home, she meets new people (and by new people I mean her 13 step-brothers, YES 13!) and then she settles in. The usual. But soon enough it got hot and heavy with nearly every brother hitting on her and pursuing her romantically. This includes passionate kissing between “siblings” along with much MUCH more.

I was taken aback originally but the cringy “THEY’RE FAMILY NOW FOR GOD SAKE” vibe soon settled and I began to invest myself into each coupling. It truly did help to later find out that their new step-sister, Ema, was actually adopted by her assumed biological father. This little tid bit seemingly distanced her further from any true biological relation to her new siblings making it easier for me to ship her with her brothers (I know, weird right). At the end of the series I was relieved to know that she only had intentions to keep a friendly family relationship with each brother.

Although this anime was different for me, I enjoyed it. NEXT!


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