Why Cowboy Bebop Only Needs One Season 

Cowboy Bebop was a popular anime back when it first aired and continues to be a go-to binge series to this day. But many are left wondering if there will ever be a second season. I’m here to say, there really shouldn’t be one. Many of the episodes in the original season could have been stand alone episodes themselves. Meaning, that every episode had its own separate storyline and conclusion. It felt like every episode just happened to be put together into one season for convenience. 

Although a second season is not in the works, there is a film, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, based off of the 1998 anime. A new live action series has also been confirmed to be in production as reported by Variety. A second season may not be in our future, yet the Cowboy Bebop story continues. 

You can watch Cowboy Bebop now on Funimation.


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