Attack On Titan Season 3

Attack on Titan was the first anime series that got me on the anime bandwagon. Of course there was Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! in my youth. But back then, those shows were just cartoons in my eyes. But after stumbling upon AOT on Toonami, I realized that anime is not a cartoon, it’s an art.

This past summer, season 3 of Attack on Titan was announced via AOT‘s official twitter page. Season 1 captivated audiences and season 2 left them speechless (in a good way for most). Now season 3 is set to premiere in 2018. Funimation did release a short 15-second teaser on YouTube, but actual footage of the forthcoming season is not shown. It is comprised of colored illustrations that depict bloodied characters, new villains, and what appears to be the memories of Eren and Mikasa. Take a look at the teaser below!

Originally a manga written by Hajime Isayama, the AOT anime series debuted in April of 2013.


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