Nanbaka vs Prison School

One’s damn near pornographic while the other doesn’t know whether it’s a comedic show or an action anime. But they are both based around the prison concept, so let’s talk about them!

A new addition to the Funimation queue, Nanbaka is a quirky anime about four cell mates named Jyugo, Uno, Rock and Nico who drive their workaholic guard crazy with their constant escape attempts and wild shenanigans. These four manage to bring on the laughs, the intrigue, as well as break the fourth wall from time to time. With two full seasons, there are plenty of episodes to binge watch over the weekend. Enjoy!

Also on the Funimation queue, Prison School. Prison School is raunchy af. The story here is about five male friends, Kiyoshi, Takehito, Shingo, Joji, and Reiji who attend a formerly all female academy. But one crazy night puts them into the school’s prison. 

Any minor infraction will add time on to their sentence which could lead to their expulsion. We follow this five-piece through gruesome punishments and cringe worthy moments. This anime is really not meant for kids, but I’ll be damned if that’ll stop me! There is also (lucky for us) a live-action Prison School movie, so I encourage you to check that out as well!



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