Children Who Chase Lost Voices

This week AniCanon is featuring Children Who Chase Lost Voices as our movie of the week. Released in May of 2011, this anime film was created, directed and produced by Makoto Shinkai along side Noritaka Kawaguchi. This film is Shinkai’s longest animation film to date that is filled to the brim with adventure, action, and young romance.

This story is centered around a sweet girl named Asuna who sets off on a journey to say “farewell.” After the death of her father, Asuna spends the majority of her solitary days listening to the mysterious music that emanates from the cat’s-whisker receiver that her father had given to her as a memento. Her father had also left Mimi, a small cat with bizarre red markings. When Asuna’s adventure begins, she meets a young boy, strange creatures, and weirder situations. Feel free to watch how things turn out on the Movie of the Week page!


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