What Is An OVA!?

Now, we all have had those days of binge watching our anime of the day. After twelve hours of screen time you think to yourself, “I’ve done it! At last I’ve finished the series!” From there you feel like a true champion and prepare to enter the fandom of said anime. But wait! You start to see pictures of an episode that you haven’t seen. What! What WHat!? How could this be! You start to go through the comment section and see the word OVA. What the f*ck is an OVA!? Welp you’re in luck, because I’m here to explain it to ya!

OVA stands for Original Video Animation. These episodes are usually included with the VHS or DVD version of an anime. OVAs are typically just one episode or 4-8 episodes that depict a side story. I have found that they can also be episodes that take place within an alternate timeline. If you don’t have the VHS or DVD (which is understandable in this day and age) OVA’s can be found on YouTube, Funimation, or on an anime streaming site. The pro of an OVA is that THE STORY CONTINUES (YAY!). The con is that Instagram or Twitter might have spoiled it for yah after seeing the posts that I mentioned before. Woops.


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